Fallback Search Triggers
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Create a Fallback Search trigger to add your own workflows to Alfred's fallback search options.

First, create your workflow and connect the Fallback Search trigger to an action. Once you've created your workflow, go to Features > Contacts to set the custom action.

Fallback Search Example Use

I created a Fallback Search for the Dictionary app, so that if I start typing a word that doesn't match a result on my Mac, I can search for it in Dictionary as you can see in the third fallback search row below.


This is done by creating a workflow where I joined a Fallback Search object to an Open URL object, where the URL to open is dict://{query}. This launches Dictionary.app with the query filled in.


This workflow also uses a Hotkey Trigger to launch Dictionary with the selected text.

This documentation relates to the Alfred v2 Workflows. Go back to the index of all workflow objects or visit the Alfred forum if you need further information.