Welcome to the Alfred v2 Support site

Alfred is a productivity application for Mac OS X, which aims to make you more productive on your Mac; search your local computer or the web, calculate, spell and control your Mac from the keyboard.

You can download Alfred 2 from our website.

The Alfred Powerpack is a set of advanced features, deeply integrated with OS X to make you more productive. Find out more about the Powerpack.

If you're also an iPhone or iPad user, take a look at Alfred Remote, a companion app for Alfred 2 which allows you to control your Mac from your iPad. Here on the support site, you'll find Remote documentation and a Connection Troubleshooting FAQ.

We've created this support site to help you discover what Alfred can do for you, as well as troubleshooting any little problems you might encounter.

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Upgrading to Alfred 2 from v1?

You can migrate your settings from v1 to v2 by following the steps in our Migration Guide.

Take a look at our tutorials section for guides on getting started and to help you make the most of Alfred v2's features.

You can also join the Alfred forum to discover some of the workflows and themes other Alfred users have created.

Looking for Alfred v1 support?

If you're still using Alfred v1, you can still visit the old support site for v1 documentation.