iTunes Mini Player
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The iTunes Mini Player is a handy, mouse-free way to control your music collection. From playing your favourite albums and rating them to letting Alfred surprise you with a random album, there's much fun to be had with the Mini Player.


Launching the Mini Player

To call up the iTunes Mini Player, type "itunes" within Alfred (or use the Ctrl + Cmd + Return hotkey combination). Start typing the name of a song, album or artist, or navigate through the options underneath. Within this list, you can operate using arrow keys or command + number.

Tip: You can customise the Ctrl + Cmd + Return key combination or the "itunes" keyword under Features > iTunes preferences.

Rating your music

You can rate your music collection, using stars and half stars. This rating will then be visible also within iTunes itself. You can either use the mouse to set a star rating or type in "Ctrl + Cmd + number from 1 to 5".

Tweaking your iTunes settings

Alfred offers a few options to tweak your musical experience.

  • Play only longer random albums by checking the "when randomising, only play longer albums" where only albums with 5+ tracks will be played.
  • By default, the Mini Player remains visible after you start playing a song, giving you the opportunity to keep browsing. Check the "hide Mini Player" box if you'd prefer for the window to close when you select a song.

iTunes Mini Player hotkeys & keywords

You can use these when the iTunes Mini Player is visible, or you can add your own global hotkeys by creating an iTunes workflow.

Show the iTunes Mini Player
itunes Use keyword to show the iTunes Mini Player
ctrl Play / Pause
play/pause Play / Pause keywords
ctrl Next Track
next Next Track
ctrl Previous Track
previous Previous Track
ctrl Play Random Album
random Play Random Album
volmax Maximum volume
volmid Half volume
mute Mute volume
ctrl [0-5] Rate currently playing song from 0 to 5 stars
backspace Go up a folder in iTunes Mini Player
r Reindex iTunes library

User definable hotkeys & keywords

Go to the Workflows tab in Alfred's preferences and create a new workflow using the iTunes templates. Connect keywords to control the Mini Player from Alfred's main window, or set hotkeys to control your music without even showing Alfred first!

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