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With Alfred's Workflows, you have amazing power at your fingertips. There is immense scope to allow you to either create a very simple workflow, or use your favourite APIs to create an advanced one.

From quick file filters to advanced scripts, you can control your Mac, other applications, web services and more.

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An Introduction to Workflows

Put simply, workflows allow you to connect triggers and keywords to actions and outputs. Once they're connected together, you're up and running!

Example workflow

Creating Your First Workflow

In Alfred's Workflows preferences, you'll see a + button at the bottom of the left sidebar. This is your starting point for a new workflow.


For simple workflows, have a look at the Templates list, which provides you with a starting point on the workflow canvas. A template will pre-populate your workflow canvas, while a blank workflow will give you a blank canvas to start from.


We've also provided a few examples to show how you can connect multiple items together to launch multiple actions from a single keyword, for example. We'll be adding more of these over time :)

Starting with a blank canvas

If you've started with a blank workflow, click on the + button in the top right of the workflow canvas to start choosing objects to add to your workflow. Keep reading below to find out what each workflow object can do.

Understanding the Workflow Objects

There are four main types of workflow objects; triggers, inputs, actions and outputs.

Workflow objects





You'll find more advanced documentation by clicking on each object type above.

Discovering Workflows

We regularly share workflows we love on the Alfred blog, and you can discover workflows on Packal, a fantastic site for workflows and themes created by Alfred fan Shawn Rice.

You can also discover workflows created by fellow Alfred users on the Alfred Forum, where you can also get help with creating your own workflows. Please fill in your registered Powerpack address in your forum profile to get support with Powerpack features.

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